Lost Fortunes Found


Lost Fortunes Found is a kickstarted little business of mine funded by adventurer’s for adventurers. You bring me magical items and money, I trade you magical items and money. I’m always willing to barter for the right price. I’m easy to reach, always stocked, and always willing to bargain a little. I know your little adventures are just as important as feeding myself and my kin, so I try to make a good deal. You can always visit my boutique in the Atlas’ market or contact me through my specially designed, fashionable, Rings of Wonder.

Kestrel Fortuna

For Sale

  1. Arrow Magnet: A nifty little cube that’ll protect you from projectiles! Crafted by yours truly. Great for young mercs who want to make it to old age. Just 600 GP for the best insurance policy you could ever ask for.
  2. Verdant Vine: Ever feel the need to capture your enemies? Ever feel the need to do it in style. This nifty little bracelet will seat you in the lap of luxury and your enemies in a tangled, thorny pile of plant matter. A sweet deal averaging around 6000 GP.
  3. Fortuna’s Everflowing Vial of Life: A little stoke of luck and whole lotta alchemy went into this little item. I should know, I made it myself. A once a day refilling potion! This’ll pay for itself over time. Sold for a measly 2000 GP.

Lost Fortunes Found

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