Route Searchers

Adventure Log

Catching up

Our adventure began with an admission challenge set by Beacon. The party visited the guided a caravan of weaponry to the town of Alabaster Ridge, encountering the local Kobold menace along the way. After visiting the town and meeting its residents, they learned from Ser Roger Bryant about the kobolds that had been bothering the town. They set off to attack the kobold nest while the trained villagers, led by Ser Bryant, led the larger horde of kobolds to battle in the open field. The party (and Dan) succeeded in raiding the kobold nest, slaying a kobold cleric and barbarian, and finally mercilessly slaughtering the kobold younglings in their nest.

Returning from the fight in the midst of a thunderstorm the party learns about the losses the village suffered in the fight. Tarvia sought out to heal and help recover the party and some of the wounded villagers. Tarvia and Aki returned a stolen holy symbol to the cleric of Erastil, Soren. Anuman crafted a melody from the stories of two of the soldiers, heralding the achievements of Ser Bryant in battle and emphasizing the heroic deaths of the two young men.


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